Joe Elliot writes, "In Durand's poetry there is no ghost outside the poem ... No trying. Just reality, the body of the poem, the spheres spinning according to their music." Durand offers sets of poem-cycles, written over the last six years under the shadow of the Brooklyn Bridge, an exploration of the universal city, both interior and exterior, wild and developed, inaccessible and open. The texts take as impetus Whitman's idea of writing a poetry directly involved with the elimination of borders between soul and body, self and other, inanimate object and animate being. As an urban document, the poems engage with spatial issues, such as crowd mechanics, water usage, and toxic pollution -- in the hopes of readjusting awareness of physical space -- much in the same way painting realigns visual perception.

"... these poems came into being in underground chambers where the crude works necessary for all our makings are found in brilliant, cogitating abundancy." -- Eleni Sikelianos


Faux Press, 2001, 128 pages, $12.50
ISBN 0-9710371-0-8

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