Taking his title from an infamous spoof by Frank O'Hara and Larry Rivers, Sullivan trashes the contemporary artscape gentrified by administrators, theorists, and others involved in the bureaucratization process. The craft and high jinks of making it the world of poetry and art are the consistent focus of Sullivan's madcap processing of maximum impact pieces: love letters as posts to e-lists, a fake writer's survey, an imagined interview between Clark Coolidge and Gertrude Stein, and much more. Jordan Davis suggests Gary Sullivan "should quit his day job and become the Lester Bangs of poetry."

"Drawing upon everything that makes up the various contexts for poetry (including, finally, poetry itself), HOW TO PROCEED IN THE ARTS is an amazing tour de force..." -- Edith Perloff


Faux Press, 2001, 104 pages, $12.50
ISBN 0-9710371-1-6

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