2. Lulu luau Psy-fi or hi-fi? The hula of babylon Give the buzzsaw a raise Big bad hope, boxcutter lyricism Fundraise the dead Hold fire — Sir? — I said, hold fire PLACEBO TRANSMIT — fun ringside Toaster-size impulses Sunblock Castro victims of corn Who's paying, who's playing Hotrodding torreadors of indelicacy give up the chump We're bait, let's eat Carry the fist around with you Greetings to the virus smooth out that target Cheese up on the hope Painkillers — imitate an entertainer Pistol-whip with a little red-meatish Just don't care Go on a forced vacation, bombs away Strokabilly texture of bottomfeeders Tie-dyed ISKRA — sink my ships Leaflet the bigs, doggone extralegal Ameliorists suck I'm gonna hire a blimp