9. Typewriter without keys Read! Jump! — inkblot say-so Arrest the cut-up, haiku brainwash Bardic slush Meaning as aftermath Sugarlip syntax kiss off rhyme Content have to be so cornball? Grammatically marvelous semantic popcorn Yes the answer is no Spelling bee ponies — semaphore Word muck, spasm-induced Macaroni — have I ever written that word before? The tropologically impaired Desk wreck — glut frag Can I get 4 words Genre, that smell Monosyllabic triplet machinegun Lubricate the knowhow milking the vocab Clarity as ringworm miniaturizing like hell Watch the anecdotes roll in Lyric is what they're always beating us over the head with In little plausible bits, phoneme renegade cliché squad Semantic breakage — stuntpersonship Don't I like to write? Do you punctuate well? Nouns in broad daylight — factoid wordspunk Extortionist typo, mawkish comma Hyphens rule An evident fastidiousness squashing the mental Hype that stet The poetic equivalent of the local bar band Playing covers for your high school dance