Micah Ballard


Heart Shaped Box

Stuck in a solid solitude
heroically I occupy everything
but in the illusion of seduction
since you are like no one else

already I blame myself.
As if repetition of denial
could pave the way
where in bygone days

what needs to be remembered
must be forgotten. Even still
through a void pit containing you
my intentions as Ted said

continue. Because only alone
can I go blindly amusing
the muses where absorbed in refrains
the pain sharpens & hardens

what's left in the heart. Because
only with obvious oblivion
can I go stonely stumbling
into that strangely resounding noise

& remain at my verge
where in dim hours stains
from you are sent up in thin smoke.
For what other reason than this

than because of you
can I stay bent but not broken
have something different
to get into.