Micah Ballard



My intentions today
are oddly singled out
as soon as they return

I have to get
another hit. Like every time
I'm in the bookstore

it's back to the bathroom
I go where somehow
the wifešs sleeping. Awake

in her somber
she mentions something
about taking out the trash

& smoke, so I have
one more drink
bring out the bottles

take another toke.
Then back to books
& onto the street for looks,

where I find my friends
especially, the old ones
who no longer live

but are alive
in someone else's heart.
In mine it's the usual

whom to meet
poets to greet
& then by surprise

it happens again. They
motion back to the room
he sticks the needle
you wrap the balloon
& by the look in my eyes
swamps of Louisiana reside.