Please Keep Feet and Parcels Push into Dark discarded passenger cars or furious Lines on misprinted Pages Feel as free to Disappoint me as everyone Else apparently does The small-Breasted have been thrown off the Train, leaving No one And what's worth the distraction? A handful for dinner or a snack? Whatever happened to show-me-yours- I'll-show-you-mine? Another casualty of Actuality. Peanuts and stars are falling to the most Pathetic of laughs They are picking fights over the final Circles of pizza We should be wearing flannel, or kilts cover me up like Iran-Contra And who's to blame, if not the Naked majority suddenly purring from afar They finally gave Nobel a prize But who will give the very big speech? Think ventriloquism dynamite, it's shifting moods and rythmns don't move your lips, you'll be passed over which would be massive