Running With the Devil Being in the Zone entitles one to be Towed at halftime Or be Pushed into full traffic w/ all those benefits She can't be shaken, it's courageous to Try, in vivid chases with only the Best outcomes Sure you're Born to lose, but lose *Huge* Past the negotiating point and for fear of retribution, stick with classics And so you are sucked into a Van Halen song, so fucking What? I still carry a raygun and I Will start shit Please give a big Detroit welcome to the Anti-Christ who fails to convert us, even tho he's heartfelt and Happening Given to the flashiest Drama and counting on suckerpunches We're the kind of guys who revel in Bemoan during the QB option, I'm all slot 50/40 power on the Dirty side But I want you to know the Themes to Bond films and the colors of court orders throw into Tight coverage Interceptions in various splendors