Proof of Lifelessness Carried off by waves of fear or "Fear" when even sad hypnosis fails to titillate It's time for bigger guns and hands: fingers sparky w/ glass Uncertain but booming voices along the river, you choose your afterlife, a most hectic last-minute Escape The fast food windows and sexy menus suppress All wisdoms Neon holds wide virtues, Waters deeper than the bottomless You are sudden, are fast-acting, you come In pills the size of a Dog Without your heroes it's another Day in Line behind cheap clones of Jesus and the Buddha When you are pounding upon my bloody chest Shrieking, you feel new Powers Let's get back to fundamentalisms and other card table enjoyments While you're wishing for moonlight, we got poppers, while you're Poet Laureate I'll be demonic backwash Skid row has never looked better, it's the fucking drapes There's a pall over this city, while Mary somehow comes and goes