Good Night, All You Ships at Sea, You We're on Sorrow Watch engulfed by Scorpion Bowls haunted repeatedly in Dreams by Dave Letterman when it's my funeral I'll want La Cucaracha and F-16 flyovers First choose your weight in water: essence of mango or Youth No one dies with you, regardless of riches or recent poll numbers Ex-girlfriends gather to march huffily Toward shore Adapting to the new Ban on hullabaloo At the first signs Yet agape, Shudder to think of Inflamed tonsils, they Strike You down walking your Delightful coast Dateline Egypt: Could have had more Pyramids if only we'd Worked together Pass a bottle of Nile, while watching soldiers fortify every Ferris Wheel or Tilt-a-Whirl O to be the one To chase off the Frankensteins we built Hooray for our impossible Demands, shrugged off Undershirt and clean Sheets misplaced