Tame Document

in swirls of lank remarkable language, say a prose
passage, in which the text converts its energy
into strategic territory, referred to by the
emphatic usage of a modern day. apply a down
payment or appropriate logical basis, cried for in
all the papers. make that something to talk about.

when the critical mass grows into its own zip
code, annotated effects will take hold. that's why
we discuss these things. gravity will be with us
always. hope is a glissando.

tracts or tracks, one is never sure. theories are
lively sometimes, betting on familiar patterns to
lead the way. if that doesn't happen, one can
exhume the old rites. schools fantasize about the
coming, a convenient appropriation of time. we
work for these things, if nothing else. naming

debates brandish dour necessities on off days or
on. liens are drawn and circles collect them in
space. space is immediate, if nonsensical.
distances are always too apparent, even when we

poetry hands over certain ties to certain things,
that alleviate the program of its need to wait, or
weight of need. this isn't an easy solution to the
academic question of where or how we are. when
words are cyclodromes or airports, we learn our
measure. there is nothing sure in our