Robert Fitterman
MCX.  Justice

Because my client is an immigrant, do you think
you might have a problem with that? Or that he was
riding a bicycle? Are there other people in your
family where there were personal injury cases
involved?  Any close friends or family as lawyers?
Have you ever suffered a knee injury? Sports
related injury? Have you ever known anyone who has
suffered a knee injury?  Do you use cabs? What's
your feeling towards New York City cab drivers?
What's your feeling towards people who bicycle in
the city? Do you think bicycling in the city
should be restricted to designated areas? Do you
think cars, buses, should share the road with
bicyclists? Do you ride a bike in New York City?
Do you wear a helmet? Do you think there should be
a law requiring bicyclists to wear helmets? Do you
think anyone who has gone this far, who has hired
a lawyer and filed a suit, etc., should be awarded
something? Does it bother you that an illegal
alien can use our legal system and walk away with
money even though he or she doesn't pay any taxes?
Have you or anyone you've known been sued? Anyone
in your family? Do you think that there is too
much suing going on in this country? Do people sue
each other too often in your opinion? What type of
engineering work do you do? Do you own the
apartment that you live in? Do you have any ill
feelings toward landlords? Do you have any ill
feeling toward commercial bus drivers? Do you have
any feelings, or any ax to grind, with the Mobil
Gas Company? Were you a resident of Texas at that
time? Where are you finishing your MBA? Is she
also from Texas? Do you have any feelings about
commercial bus drivers? About the Greyhound bus
company? Do you teach Acting? Is that one of those
financial counseling services for people in credit
distress? How long have you worked with computers?
When you were working as an engineer, what kind of
work did you do? Did you compete as a professional
tennis player? How long have you been a tennis
instructor? In the States? Do you have any
preconceived notions about the way businesses
should be run? Do you have any feelings about the
Mobil Gas Company? How do you feel about the civic
trial system? Do you have any ill feelings toward
commercial bus drivers? Anything about that
experience that I should worry about? Is your
brother's case still pending?  Is it fair to say
that you work mostly as a personal trainer? How do
you feel about the civic justice system in this
country? The jury system? Do you feel, because
your husband is a doctor, do you feel this could
make you prejudice in any way? How would you
describe your experience with commercial bus
companies? How long have you taught American
History?  Do you have any problems, any ax to
grind, with the Greyhound Bus Company? Mobil Gas
Company? What field in American History do you
teach? Do you teach the constitution or
constitutional history? Are you presently suing
someone? Are you being sued? Do you have any
feelings about commercial bus drivers?