Robert Fitterman

(Translation of Horace)

Go salt yourself
In the Baltic cow plop
Deal me the joyless
Uninhabitable commerce bays
So a slacker can do that
Featherless cupid gift ideas 
Span this humankind
Hubbub thing all tangled up
With little magistrate vipers
Amoral dropped ceiling cathedrals
Smeared owls from Spain death 
In a fully restored Disney trailer
Those seaside fried baskets
Of little crawly things
His ponies in the foremost
Seats all yap and pus parents
Alas outliving the Latin blurb
All emasculated the crime of
Fratricide brings larger goblets
Sweating lilies and randy goats
I am stricken with blazer envy
A new tax for bedding and the 
Honey drips unpruned bud 
To the milking pail doves fornicate
With hawks let the whole state go
Neptune lets it all hang
With a new sailor tattoo 
Bing cherry in the sickle
You'll walk among stars our city 
Litter box of fresh turds busied 
With sedition note the underlying
Culinary metaphor the liver is
The meat of love's appetite


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