Robert Fitterman

MCDXXIII. The Hermes Effect

look at yourself in the most critical fountain

don't decide any price in advance

historisizing the second hand

don't placate badgers

so what if squirrels are eating out of your bird feeder

don't set up a vigilante eco-militant website just because your neighbor has

don't try mosquito netting for other purposes

don't use the gentle cycle

my other car is... stolen

don't buy anything proudly brewed because it isn't

wear moccasins but call them dock siders

don't use an overhead projector to demonstrate an underhanded procedure

keep a scarf handy

if you get hit by a bike messenger give him a false name

you have 4 minutes

don't describe a work-a-day town on the South Shore

since I'm a theatre person...

don't cut your cheese to meet an art scene celebrity for lunch to get a story

Grace, Ethan, Jake and Sparker

wear white patent leather shoes to a thesis tutorial

don't give him extra lip on the follow through