Robert Fitterman

XII.  Lithium 

What's an aging Barbarian to do?	 
private conference     	room buyouts a mix 
         of junk bonds when rate cuts won't spur slashing
quarter points--how many spas can the city stand--

up in the penthouse
    beefed-up subspecies
six years of EZ pass		dark-haired harbinger
     is that a bounce or a thud we just heard?
		unedited, unbelievable, unelectable
confessional culture in prime-time
	are you a lemon pledge or an olde english man?
maybe it's best to avoid the use of the word Locals, too, can't go on like this 
			and that's how we decided to go into partnership
		carboforce, 	old school tenants
	an elegant insect house Hilton improvement at the Zoo
subcommittee circuit training	supermotivating
	music, 		          passing freaks and grace 
							    (death already)