Drew Gardner




There’s a Movement of Plants



there’s a movement of plants

toward the window, which is

so intelligent, it is almost impossible to notice

and I consider my bicycle to be alive!


the wealthy strangers unload boxes in the public health clinic square

into a diary entry uncollapsed but looking down

pensively through created darkness as the surface of the soul

the firemen trying to get someone to buzz open the front door—


to lose everything as a sudden rush

no idea or directive erupts from

the sudden lift felt and it is there, clearly iron

to climb the latticework lifted her from the shards of glass in the sink

when the streams of escalators pour out into the night to be together


the devil in this case is not moral blindness or half-knowledge,

but the intentional and vigorous application of energy …


there is no fire


connected to the stars the walls of pregnant window light above


earth’s surface finally the granules of parting of its own accord

once you’ve dropped it, dummy


all at once eating dinner off the night sky




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