Drew Gardner




Alpha Centuri Radio



as if we’re not aware of each other

the world is on fire


could have been anywhere

that defends you from these actualities

water towers dark against the sky


to come out of earth

intensely aware of each other, don’t bother

is doubt, in friendship’s doubt


into that dark center

the trickle of filth addresses in gutters of cement

is too high, uninterested


a multiple star system with three stars

orbiting one another

in a certain athletic cluelessness

which is less than paper

and the heavens drip with bloody meat


blips behind the bars

it’s okay to eat fish


when we step out of the solar system

because they don’t have any feelings

drinks from the candle


covered with it


is the closest I can come

offers his friends an oven

while I was busy with the labor of these mistakes


could have been anywhere in the world

of turning away

I’m sorry, but the spiders

are going to have to start being careful of me




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