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K. Silem Mohammad

Death the Comedian

Stagger back, the mine's awful humming menace.

If you see a radical burying a toilet, a new planet's about
to say its prayer. If you see a brachiosaurus fearing an
electrical shock, plan on collecting lots of flood
insurance. Bite down treasonously if a sonic boom or a
condor graduates from a Montessori school.

I have "inky sediments," and they stay with me pretty much
all the time. I police them myself, at home. It's permitted
in some cases for autocrats to do that.

Carbon monoxide wants volunteers to go down in flames with
itself. I like to stay in the dark shadows of the garage,
where it's a felony to lactate. There are some traditions
that get better with Alzheimer's.

Here are some pliers. Climb over the cyclone fence to my
backyard, and lie down in the moonlight by the pool. Remain
there until you're a particularly agonizing corpse to
behold. Splendid. Don't go away, I'll be right back.

Are you still there? I spent all morning in church, and then
I stopped at the train wreck, and I brought you some skin

Our mayor, Mr. Cocksucker, wants to murder a plague.