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K. Silem Mohammad

Shaggy's Dream

Why'd we come to the Skunk Monument?
Were there fairways to secede through, sinkholes
under granite lozenges? Or was it for the smell,
  as of lilacs in vinegar,
  or camphorated mollusks?

Here, vibrate on this pinnacle. Some handshaking peoples
  will arrive to govern you, & when they do
  your forests will appear to be ruined
  but reappear as improved.
	Believe me when I tell you
  they will have devotions to sell you.
Here will be developed, artificially & with promotional cartoons,
a nauseating ice milk
to salvage your maturation.

Inside, multiple cabinets
w/ missing details. A propellor,
  tree trunks, Greek
  Less filling, just as prehistoric, 	  A cobweb?

[Flasks of serum can't be bought. They are private property
that must remain private, participating nonetheless in an experimental economy
predicated on specialized exercycles. Take drag
queens, for example. They fart
like Great Danes, but never get caught.
Mayhap they are wealthy, and can justify
miking the periphery with decoys. Perhaps
   we all could use an evisceration once in a while,
   what with thinking dust clouds 'n' viral emissions,
   purple ones particularly anthropomorphic,
managing to project an effect of sinister eyebrows
on an epistructural level.]

		Are you poking
me with that thing? Is it Egyptian?
Creaking, 	                    crunching,
		taran taran taran--
the good archaic ghost come out o' the forest,
twitching it whisker wi' hurried step.