Jeni Olin

The Correction

On a clear day you can see forever --
At Lenscrafters you can be fitted in about an hour.
I mean how many people need correction, rage near-blind
A lot of people, right? But Stevie was born dead
Blind, cut off from the good things in life you & I enjoy
Oh creeping ruin, like frozen eyegum on a pony
Or that monstrous Lou Gehrig thing, God save us all,
Wonderully brave under the smiling expanse of vomit
These star-spangled skies & so on. And then something motown
& pubescent "gets dead" But today wherever there are people
There is Stevie Wonder's music, & in the toucan-spattered darkness,
"Living for the City" sparkles like calcium deposits
In a pair of sting-ray boots
Myself -- I have a-stygmatism, am christly, smashing & white
I hate the earth so much I miss my wife, that sickly
Night blindness -- he lies there gasping -- I'm always dehydrated
& I'm always alone, & Mohammed is our prophet
He had more "break-aways" than anybody
But me -- I does what I pleases, deep in my heart
I'm just a guy showing himself a pretty good time...