Jeni Olin

Clean & Jerk Attempt

Naked & unerring,
	I come from Madagascar
		a wrestler says,		
hair a gavotte
	of wispy tangles
		in the neon arena.
"What furious & accepted monster is this,"
	trembling like Katherine Hepburn
		or a malaria patient
coming down the blue
	freeze of morning.
I felt gorgeous & linear yesterday
	our hero type gasps,
		and yesterday
& the spotlight is advancing
		on his white buttocks
(stark mad, falls down)
	tragically flawed
		like a crippled Rothschild
in a room
	of swift nudes
		& it's highway robbery
how he signs over
	his days, fist in mouth.
		Crap. Foiled
he thinks, victory
	an erratic bloom
		on sheer yesterday
(years roll suggestively by)
	"time is nutting you just shit,
		get old, sick, crazy, fucked-out."