Jeni Olin

"Larry Kept Saying Primo Levi Was an Accident"

Larry kept saying Primo Levi was an accident
& "about as scary as a glass of orange juice"
Orange Jews he kept saying when I asked for a raise, high
& seedy love to be gathered & dispersed
like diaphanous monks or politics
I never wanted to fight the war against m.s.
I am trying to live with myself in critical care
in Chelsea room #224 minus the bladder control of cub scouts
Did a dog fall out that window I sorta understand
child leashes on Manhattan streets
like bravura brushstroke, one little dash right here
& it's all over I defend blindly whatever
brings me money. Well there's nothing 
wonderful in that I really should stop
with the queer diction it's 1999 but I got laid
in heaven & must rage on as such
against the dying of the light, etc.