Jeni Olin

Her Finest Hour

It's April 1st and I'm still a fool to want you, bang my head against the ice machine in this season of perennial faintings. the giant amaryllis a mess on the floor & so we are cheated out of some fabulous dying thing: "Alice, said the Hare, you are a girl." Mean irony! It's awful to be two things at once. For example, as in Rudy Burckhardt, Swiss and disillusioned (shows photo Times Square Building, 1947) "Well, what I love about New York is that it just grew up wildly." amidst slender cast iron columns & dreadful posturings that snapshot of Dinah in the studio holding her scotch & rocks "she looked simply grand and not at all..." it was impeccably contrived and the Furies? only birds at icy altitudes in her last recordings, in the achy 5 o'clock New York rain unsteady on the sidewalk. She meant to be so frail but only gained in constancy. sad truth: a burnt piano key