Little Nothings

oh what today
what today what
spinning away in air
and spying crystal facets
of the world in fragments
wide eyes on subway platform
dreamy intoxicated walk at party
trembling fingers grasping cigarette
a face                  a whole world
waiting to envelop
what seems to be           me
at such a particular time
such timely particulars
carrying an expression of noble suffering
can be exhausting (not like a movie)
he loved my sad eyes
"seen in the living they are doing"
a long time ago after breakfast
"you ask me:  I ask you.  This is love"
"we must be more intellectually wild!"
whales are singing while we're sleeping

attachment:   desiring to hold
the elegance of joy co-existing with suffering
the ideal:  face smiling with a single tear
"you must suffer for love"
	says Israel watching
(one who wrestled with the angel)

powers of names--hyphens rising
I am so fickle in my world view
what the world knowing would
speeding through my body
sitting in the Radiance Room
		I am dead
		I am dead
I am dead today and always
eyes that never see
ears that never hear
mouth that only whispers
into certain ears
yes, she's hungry
running a competitive race
and making stakes on indecision
devours whole afternoons
a flake	a sun		a poodle
fragile  bird
keeps pace with wind
hiding broken bones
whole centuries disappear
behind eyes
appetite growing into invisibility
she tastes the subtle body
not enough wanting
not enough sleep