Something described

and something lived


The reduction through

what is contained

distinct from what is maintained

affording its sense of a particular passage of time


The probative assertion

The word we heard

Whatever is primary

in the counterfeit

is never scrutinized as closely

as should be

Facility turns it

in a better light

It unfolds and waits

as it happens


Any two

barely two

but two enough


How provocative

a set of values is involved?

Is any further distinction necessary?

What holds best in the turns --


From the large and small clenched

and opened out slowly

before turning away

The way words

not the way


Who is responsible

for what is behind the paint?

Waiting for the starved edge --

what else is it like?

He wanted to say

"This is how they keep track of you"

But it could barely be heard


What still remains unclear when adopting

a lapidary mode of expressing the defaults

of memory, thus reordered?




by particulars

well contrived

suggesting haste


Though small experience grows at home

it will not be diminished


A specific diction chosen

for this set of assertions


I don't remember the man in the middle --

Nobody ever does


Every score must be settled

Every note played or at least seen

This is what remains of what could be shown


First day of winter

The words that are heard

for the words that were said

The words that are heard

with the words that are said

for the words that are written


Something confused

with a circle around it


This was who what and when

becoming where

Pure carbon

affording the distinction

between effectiveness

and accuracy

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