Finding a diction for Lazarus


and their assortments --


Words made-up to say --

Not a new word in the lot


Phrasing your dog

What's he doing making so much sense?


How do you come by having something

that was not meant for you?

Conjured by the illustrative aspect of mechanics


Thought as given --

America goes by in trucks


The act

and implications

of the glyph

The purpose and mode of inscription


The dry season is six months long

Slow growth provides a denser grain


Every POV has its ardors --

A deep breath for the rest of the morning


Someone else's mode of discourse

availing itself of my referents


A preoccupied distraction --

like the rain


What remains is the expectation

of recorded judgement --

Sketches of every stone from every fragment

of standing wall --

Inscriptions and partial letters

Mosaics and squares of painted plaster


In deference to no distinction



Please allow me to test the limits

of your personal sense of privacy

-- your sense of power and modesty

Your eyes are too red

your lips too thin


A consuming elaboration of events --

The lexical level of access secondarily aware

tho undiminished by any acquisitive process


Bring me a GREEN

with some BLUE in it


Blue is the only one of warmth's devices


One bloodline reacts very differently

to the loss of a yellow cat than another

Yellow and green

Yellow . . . green

Blue and green

Blue the measure of this green


The determinants still purely lexical

-- and pulling faces


The illusion of the sustained

and liminal


No thriftier sensation than thought --

unencumbered by its affections

or predictable conventions

Something cultivated in what was put back

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