Too many predicaments

inking the book


The table, yes

but more importantly

what is said

across it

Something more

to be brought there

than the table's architecture



Keep it where we're going

and maybe we'll find it there.


Isis and Aphrodite

femmes de menage

Invention and admonition

Careful what you say --

what are put en face


A little for the morning

a little past midday

a little for the evening

Even the subtlest ash is preserved


Other masteries and pastimes

[Augustine, De Civitate Dei, XVI, 4]

The wind a steady blast from the West

Low clouds and high bright blue sky


The liminal perfected in its final form

-- free of time


Dark inscriptions

whose origins are a matter for debate



though full of attainment

A small, undecided portion

collecting under the nails


Shrugged up onto the shoulders

the record only provides for

detaining the protected propositions

in order to make their correctness

seem more providential