Marianne Shaneen

The Peekaboo Theory

Descartes said of the blind: they feel things with such
perfect exactness one might almost say that they see with
their hands

if a blind woman were making love with a man born blind
who'd had his sight restored, their foreplay might take the
form of answering John Locke's famous question: Suppose a
blind man was able by touch alone to distinguish between a
cube and a sphere; if then he were made able to see, would
he be able to tell only by looking, without touching, which
one was the cube and which one was the sphere?

suppose that you and I had been deaf dumb and blind and had
all our lives known ourselves and each other only by touch:
if while making love we were suddenly made able to see and
immediately looked into a mirror, would we be able to tell
which one of us was which?