Marianne Shaneen

The Peekaboo Theory

the mailman delivered your package to my door, has he been
recruited into Ashcroft's TIPS program, has he been
reporting who I've been receiving letters from to a
centralized FBI database? as a precaution, the next letter I
write you will only be readable by interposition of fire: by
mixing Ceruse with Gum Traganth, I will write with an ink as
white as paper. when you recieve it, hold a candle in front
of the page and you will be able to read the letters by
casting them as shadows.

as I extrude these black phantoms onto paper

in penning the penumbral

this writing becomes a sciagraphy

perhaps arrows as messengers--folding the letter around the
foot of an arrow and shooting it into appointed place--would
be more expedient.

or we might more securely send our messages with guns:
encasing the missive in molten lead and shooting the
'bullet', for the receiver to melt its integument in gentle
fire or Quicksilver, carefully leaving the paper untouched--

we could kill two birds with one stone by shooting an enemy
and retrieving the 'bullet' from his innards to read its