Marianne Shaneen

The Peekaboo Theory


I've been sleeping against the wall on my side of the bed to
keep intact the wrinkles you left in your pillow and in the
crumple of your sheets...

but last nite when I turned off the light I merged with last
remaining impressions of your face, only by obliterating
them forever,

binding and releasing you at once: I laid down on your side
of the bed

to document my nights without you, I should wake each
morning, starch the sheets to solidify their folds, rent
another apartment to date and hang them in

I could dissolve Alom in water and write with the mixture on
our white sheets so that when they dried, the letters would
vanish--when I want them to be visible I have only to soak
them in tears--the linen will darken but the letters will

love lies in the bed of the beloved