Marianne Shaneen

The Peekaboo Theory

I'm writing you from the diner, Tony Orlando & Dawn singing
o tie a yellow ribbon round the old oak tree if you received
my letter telling you I'd soon be free then you'll know just
what to do if you still want me

meanwhile in the newspaper: with its vast superiority in
weapons, the US may not be fighting armies at all, but
thugs, terrorists and mobs in limited conflicts or
'operations other than war' like the
future an 'empty battlefield' where armies wrestle for
control of territory without ever seeing the enemy...a
military dominated by people sitting in front of computer

each word above in newsprint I copied by hand to send to
you; they've invaded my handwriting

I suppose the best way of eliminating bloodshed is to get
rid of the body altogether.

it's later, I'm on the bus reading what I wrote to you above,
woman next to me nosily reading it and I allowed her,
adjusting so that she could read it more easily, but without
either of us ever looking at each other.

got off the bus thinking but what if his letter to her was
lost, he would have gone by her house on the bus wouldn't
have seen any yellow ribbon, he would have kept on going,
and she never would have known that he wanted her back