Marianne Shaneen

The Peekaboo Theory

recovered from a dead letter office (1881): a specimen of
hair with the inscription, This contains my hair. Charles J.
, along with a request for 1,000 dollars for a
lawyer, and a note:

as sure as she's my darling, I will surely die
for the murder of James A. Garfield on the scaffold high
a lost letter to me in a dead letter office containing a
lock of your hair would be considered valueless. memento
mori. your hair, or, the smell of your hair, or the memory
of the smell of your hair, or the description of the memory
of the smell of your hair

rational sight analyzable by laws of geometry. olfaction
rejects geometry, defies localization in space, primarily
exists in time

can a smell be described without saying that it smells like
something else?

being apart allows you to try to describe your memory of the
smell of my hair to me, so that I am able to know the smell
of my own hair, through you, as you do, or did: an intimacy
of language that would allow me to become you, not with a
writing about smell, but by writing in the language of
--which must be possible, since smell comes
phylogenetically from the oldest part of the brain, thus all
of our brain functions--including language--must have come
from our sense of smell.

your comb in my hand, your long strands still entwined in
its teeth, how can I describe its color to you? how can you
explain to a blind girl what brown means? and what do you
say when she asks you,

what color is think?