Marianne Shaneen

The Peekaboo Theory

mailman invading my dreams with knowledge of our
correspondence. Colonial postmasters routinely opened mail,
freely published quotes from private love letters in the
newspapers, and confiscated packages containing poisonous
reptiles insects and liquids, opium, explosives, and an
"infernal machine" mailed to the commander of a Spanish
warship while anchored in New York harbor, after the
destruction of the Maine.

1849: first US patent for the envelope. contents sealed.
19th century American anarchist mail bombings, the
Unibomber, pipe bombs placed in mailboxes, a letter sent to
the President of American Airlines saying you will be
receiving a book in the mail that will be of interest to
, followed three days later by a bomb that exploded when
he opened the hollowed out book it was hidden inside of