Marianne Shaneen

The Peekaboo Theory

the Sicilian term for one who gives the evil eye is
jettatura, from the same root-word as ejaculation and

in ancient Greek theories of vision, effluences called
species emerge and propulse themselves from the
surfaces of objects to impress directly onto eyes when
looked at: corporeal images, copies, films, material
replicas, simulacra
in this seeing as a form of touch,
is it the object that yearns to be looked at and emanates
its seeds eyeward, or is it the desirous observer that must
seduce the object into ejecting forth its species?

does each person or object have a finite amount of
dischargable species that can be dispensed with, does one
need to shroud oneself to save their being looked at, so as
to not have their seeds used up?

maybe that is what death is: when a person or objects
species have been used up and they cannot be seen anymore