Pieces of a Sequence
Chris Stroffolino


Wondering if the storm is over
   Or just playing possum
A possum that sleeps
   With its eyes shut
But with an eyeball
   Painted on its lid
Wondering if it's enough
   To erase the erasers
Since specials
   About the show
Behind the show
   Are in demand
As the men smoke
   Pipes and watch
The women learn
   A dance step
And will not join them
   Until it's more free-form
If less tactile
   They are afraid
They'll lose the women
   To better dancers
And express this fear
By compensating for it
   By cooing
Or cleaning
    Or conversation
Or sex
   Often better
After a few days off
   When the moon
Might be so new
   The sky has to be white
For it to be seen
   Because the line
Between dolphins
   And jets
Does not equal the one
   Between heat and knicks
Because Galileo is closer
   To Carl Sagan than he is
To Shakespeare
   And the grit and dirt
On the back
   Of your neck
Brings me to
   The hit single
The privilege of
   A lover with
The electrical banana
   Gone to seed
During the blackout
   That brings out
The stars in you

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