All right, I'll go. I'll never be any better. Right at the moment
we've lost our murderer. No one around here would do a thing
like that. I think your idea that my left leg is shorter than
my right is just plain silly. I'll make you a deal. I'm willing
to pay for your services. You mean you're willing to pay for
my vacation expenses? I usually get my money's worth out of
anybody who works for me. Believe me, I was not murdered while
I was having breakfast. Have you had a lot of clients lately?
I make a lot of money if that's what you mean. But I passed them
up to be with you. Can you prove that you stayed here? Tomorrow
morning you're going to read about a new theory. A lot of no-names.
That's why I woke you up. I've been trying to reach you by phone
ever since I got in. You'll never know what I went through two
tables away. Hello Candylamb. I'm in a hurry. You're not very fond
of me, are you? I'm as fond of you as I am in a hurry. I'm just a
grown-up quiz kid. Quiz kids know everything. You've got a lot
to learn. What were you waiting for? I've been thinking about that
drink you offered me. This isn't a drink it's a life. How long do
you think it would take Irene to throw you out on your ear? I think
you and Irene are acting very peculiar.

Frank O'Hara & Tony Towle  7/7/64