Baby Breadth

Darkest secret lobes of the brain        The thrill
of corruption before the agent of change
changes into something less comforting
I used to be a little man now I'm only
a little little with growing inventory of
young innocent comes to the city

The older comet        The millionairess
The addict       The ex         The student
The teacher        Doctor & patient
The subway flesh        Criminal & victim
Whispers that sub for meat & unspoken
list of requests that replace whispers

Unearth what no medical technique
could perceive     Covert collaboration
of urban planners        The orchestration of
shallow intersections with amateur air masses
who share themselves among a city of lungs
who stir populations to utter grief & ecstacy

Practices embryonic me fails to reach alone        Alone
I make this short pier of breath to jump off

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