History of Charm

Bad skin for blatant gestures of indulgence
Pointing is the only form politeness takes for a body so much just starting out
    Skin that breaks in glistening freakout                       the world doesn't know
Day to day's new fodder for quilted faces                          where to start with it
    Unfound equilibrium & perhaps unreachable
Every morsel & exercise presents risk     Even soap
might scar & makeup cures a limp thru amputation

Disgusting men on the street who demand hugs
   & much more     The most             & how they reform
inappropriate way                           my sense of intimacy
to be fondled is to not be                         & what a pleasure to be touched
by someone you so much want to do                    by almost anyone else
They make you conscious
of what your prefer
They put themselves out
Cigarettes against your back

In praise of slowness of motorbikes
Unwieldy online stillness
Fortunes amassed at minimum wage jobs & the non-monetary nature
   The snail pace of pubescent                               of minimum wage fortunes
caterpillar mustaches                                    We drove 12 hours to Chicago
The hype awareness of half speed                     for lunch     Was that weekend slow?
                                                                We covered 2,000 miles
Of nativity - I'm from New York             but all we did was get
That's one way of wearing a t-shirt               free soda with a slice
Another is tight      Or used -
The Shack is Back! which says Chevy Chase & Bill Murray
   But also says I'm painting                            get it on again
shelves & this is the best $2 shirt                          so the gophers
at Tokyo 7   & also picked from                                 better clear out
hundreds of shirt bins I spend more
effort the cheaper the clothes    A $60 shirt in an instant but $2
    The bell shape                                      is like driving to Chicago
of my shirt purchase velocity                   for a soda & a slice

In praise of how long you can go
on a cell phone before announcing
I'm on a cell phone!    The distracting allure of subject matter
    What are you arguing about?                           But I digress
Nothing & I'm not arguing

In praise of poems within poems
hats within Devo ie: Heimlich Shklovsky
                                                       I have perfect teeth
caught in my throat
    In praise of aphorism                         Help me!  My mouth is a repository
in a mouth full of soundbite                    of foreign objects not meaning
where the most biting                       I is a blue choking other
aphorism is silence

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