Med Links

There are good ideas in these links for creating English-teaching modules on medical topics. Some are advanced; those that are quite advanced are marked (adv.).

Basic Teaching Resources

UColorado Medical Rounds
Virtual Hospital
Critical Trauma Cases
Implementing Preventive Care
Hypertextbook (adv.)
Heart Surgery Forum
Cardiovascular Topics
Geriatrics Project
Ocular Images
Common Eye Diseases
Surgery Simulation
Muscle Injuries


Glaxo Virtual Anatomy Project
Osseous Anatomy
Orthopedic Anatomy
Normal Knee Anatomy (adv.)
Joint Fluoroscopy
Heart Atlas (adv.)
Correlative Anatomy (adv.)
Brainstem Atlas (adv.)
Anatomy Module (adv.)

The Spine

Spine Anatomy
Guide for Clinicians Lower Bac
Diagnosis of Disk Disease
Multimedia Textbooks


Pulmonary Cases
Multimedia Teaching Files
Patient Simulations/Virtual Pat
Electric Lung Anatomy
Electric Diffuse Lung
Pathophysiology Cases (adv.)

Environmental Medicine (EM)

Harvard Public Health
National Institute 1 (EM)
National Institute 2
EM in the 21st Century
Selected Internet Resources on Public Health
EM Education Files

Web Resources

Yahoo - Health
Biotech Dictionary
Radiology Dictionary
American Heart Assoc.
American Medical Assoc.
The Medical Education Page
Pub Medicina Mac
Physiology/Biophysics Resources
IFIC Foundation
Medical Webservers by Topic
Medical Imaging Movies
Medical Courses
Med Resources
Guide to Clinical Resources
Biosciences Library


Journal Club
Med. News Digest
Health Info-Com Newsletters
Medical Reporter
Food & Nutrition Newsletter

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