Exercises in Science
..............Jack Kimball.............

An Introduction for Students of English

Welcome to the world of science and writing in English!

The purpose of these exercises is to give you a chance to write well-crafted paragraphs. The first three exercises (Basic Points about Paragraphs, Classifying, and Using Transitions) help you write brief paragraphs about various topics in science and technology. The exercises that follow help you write longer paragraphs. The last two exercises (Cause and Effect and Giving Examples) show you how you can write two or more paragraphs connected to the same topic.

You will be writing in English and making a few mistakes. But don't worry. Pay attention to expressing yourself and making your ideas clear.

When you read these exercises, you will see some words printed in brown, like this: Click HERE. When you click on the brown words, you will be able to read more about the meaning of the words. After you have finished studying the meaning, if you click on the BACK button at the top of your computer screen, you will return to where you started.

Read carefully. Study the patterns and vocabulary in each chapter. Be sure to follow the directions of each exercise. And enjoy your reading and writing!

Table of Contents