Vocabulary for Basic Points about Paragraphs

solar power: the sun's energy

concept: idea

to support: to help

beneficial: good

chemical components: groups of elements

emission: sending out

car exhaust: smoke

source: beginning point, supply

vegetation: plant life

to combine: to be together

to impair: to weaken, to hurt

category: type

kinetic energy: energy of motion

to exert: to put to use, to effect

kinetic force: the strength of motion

applied: used with, connected to

statistics: information in the form of numbers, data

on average: usually

theory: scientific explanation

coronary arteries: tubes carrying blood from the heart

incomplete: not finished

development: the process of being made or becoming

practical: useful

constant: continual

to recharge: to energize a battery

practicality: usefulness

solar system: the sun and the nine planets, including the Earth

surface: the top covering or layer, the ground

atmosphere: the gaseous mass surrounding a planet, for example, the air surrounding the Earth

to sustain: to keep alive, to support

conditions: existing circumsatances

to vary: to show change

to introduce: to begin

feathers: surface covering of birds

insulation: a covering to keep in warmth

temperature: the degree of heat or cold

layer: a single thickness covering the surface

to summarize: to restate briefly

tropical: hot and humid

high blood pressure: a health problem

technology: useful science

community: a place or region for living