Nagako Horikawa writes:

Those of us who are in good health usually spend our lives casually. But on the other hand, we must consider that someday we will be sick and/or elderly and therefore it might be possible for us to be sick even in adolescence.

Sexual diseases, for example HIV, occur in large numbers in younger age brackets. The reason is that younger people, especially those aged 20-25, are in the most sexually active period of their lives. Not only information about HIV but also about other sexual diseases is scant, so it is difficult to prevent many people from contracting these diseases. Thus, we doctors must give as much information as we can and must do our part in stopping the spread of HIV and other sexual diseases. In addition, we doctors should broadcast this information on TV and radio, or in newspaper to make people be interested in those.

Pregnancy in adolescence carries a high risk of death or long-term complications. In adolescence we do not mature mentally and physically, that's why pregnancy in adolescence carries in long-term complications, because of not maturing physically, hormons in our bodies don't work well and don't have physical strength. Also because of not being fully mature mentally, adolescents cannot always be ready for pregnancy. To solve the problem, it's important that those in adolescense have willpower and welcome pregnancy wihile staying mentally at ease. Of course they need the support of people around them. Additionally, those in adolescence must be careful about their daily habits and other patterns of life, for example, meals and sleep and so on, and they must pay attention to their health.

Also there is another problem. Another health danger facing adolescents is smoking. One smoker in two will eventually die because of a cigarette habit begun in at an earlier age. Smoke of tabacco includes a cancer-causing agent and CO. These agents make rates of cancer higher. CO can combine hemoglobin(Hb) better than oxygen. If we absorb 0.1% CO, 65% Hb combine CO, as a result we can die because of lack of oxygen. Smoke of tobacco contains 4% CO, so the person who smokes 20 cigarettes a day changes 5`10% Hb to Hb-co. In sum, Hb that combine CO cannot conbine oxygen. That causes losing function of carrying oxygen. In this way we cannot exercise or active well. Lacking exercises and activities leads to prevent the people in adolescense from growing.

We in the medical community can't solve these problems even inside Japan. All the more in developing countries people can't easily get information. So we had better give information we have and help people to join the development of new medicines and ways of providing medical care. By doing this we will improve our own heath services and we will be able to get rid of many kinds of disease. We doctors should continue to keep this in mind.

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