Takanori Kinashi writes:

For medical improvement, human beings get long life expectancy at birth. But, there are differences between developed countries and developing countries. In developing countries, there are still shortages of medicine and doctors. In developing countries, some places are so unsanitary that those areas are likely to be sources of communicable diseases, for example, tuberculosis and respiratory infections . This fact is one reason why so many people in developing countries are killed by diseases.

But these things are not problems of only developing countries but also of developed countries. For example, in developed countries, one of the biggest problems is communicable diseases. In Japan, re-emerging of infectious diseases is a big problem. Why are there increasing communicable diseases? First, there are increasing patients of HIV, and their immunities are weakened by HIV. So they lose resistance to communicable diseases. Second, in developed countries, there are increasing number of old persons. Their immunities are weakened by their high age, so they lose resistance to communicable diseases, too. In general, these people whose immunity is weak are going to increase, so we need to think about this problems seriously, and we must solve these problems as soon as possible.

According to "Fifty facts from the World Health Report 1995" of the world's 51 million deaths last year, 40 per cent were caused by communicable diseases. Therefore we can not ignore this problem, and we can not afford to continue to avoid it. Hereafter, as the world hopes, medical care and medicine must progress in those fields, and we must decrease the number of victims of communicable diseases as much as possible.

Now, I suggest a solution of the problem, which is the health of developing countries. In general, many people say that the best solution is to send money, medicine and doctors from developed countries. But, I think that this is not the best solution. I suggest one solution. Developed countries should invite students from developing countries. And we must give them high-level-education in colleges and medical schools. When they finish studying, they can go back their respective countries, and help people in their countries with their new skills and knowledge. I think this would be an effective solution.

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