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Cremaster 5, a film coproduced by Matthew Barney and Barbara Gladstone, celebrates the muscle by which the testicles are suspended. The film will be screened in October at The Film Forum, New York.

Edge Books has published Integrity & Dramatic Life and They Beat Me Over the Head With a Sack, both by Anselm Berrigan.

Born in Redhill, England, Robert James Berry now lives and teaches in Selangor, Malaysia.

Maria Damon researches avant writers and collaborates in online poetry writing. She teaches at the University of Minnesota.

Carol Ganick lives and works in West Hartford.

London-based Simon Granger has shown at Gasworks and the Winchester Gallery. Images here are courtesy of the Danielle Arnaud Gallery, London, where Granger will have a solo exhibit this fall.

PERSON(a), a limited edition of poems with drawings and handmade covers by Brenda Iijima, is available from Portable Press.

A Border Comedy by Lyn Hejinian is forthcoming from Sun and Moon Press.

David Hess lives in St. Louis, and is now writing a report on the National Poetry Slam Finals held this August in Chicago.

A native of Japan, Kenji Kojima produces art that moves from the "medieval to the digital world." He lives in New York.

Wendy Kramer's pieces were performed at the Art Institute of Boston in July. She lives in Brooklyn.

Brendan Lorber co-edits Lungfull and co-directs the Zinc reading series in New York.

An editor for Painted Bride Quarterly, Daniel Nester is working on a manuscript called "Brute Significance."

Work from Eileen Myles appears in Primal Primer: 5X5 Singles Club from Primal Publishing.

Daisuke Nicoll lives in Miyazaki, Japan.

The Character, a book of poems by Jena Osman has been released by Beacon Press. Winner of the 1998 Barnard New Women Poets Prize, Osman teaches in the graduate writing program at Temple University.

Bob Perelman's Ten to One: Selected Poems will be published this fall by Wesleyan. Perelman teaches at the University of Pennsylvania.

Poems from Laurie Price are part of a longer manuscript-in-progress.

More than four thousand pages from Paul Ryan's travel sketchbooks were exhibited in Bergen, Norway from 1997 through 1998.

Cho Sang uses traditional Korean materials in adaptations of European and American approaches to abstraction. Sang shows at George Billis Gallery in New York.

Simon Schuchat has lived in Japan, Taiwan and China. Additional pieces from Schuchat are available in Volume One.

Alan Sondheim is the current writer-in-residence at "trAce," an online writing community affiliated with Nottingham Trent University. Earlier pieces by Sondheim are in Volume One.

Work here by John Wieners is from Cultural Affairs in Boston, available from Black Sparrow. A previously unpublished piece by Wieners can be accessed in Volume Seven.

The poems from Lissa Wolsak make up the last section of the manuscript "Pen Chants," printed in The Gig #2.

C D Wright teaches at Brown. Her poems are from Deepstep Come Shining, Copper Canyon Press.

The letter and poems from Araki Yasusada are fresh discoveries. Volume One features other work from Yasusada who, some speculate, labors or labored under a pseudonym.

Maggie Zurawski moved to Philadelphia this September to take up graduate studies at Temple.

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