Laurie Price


I go then forcibly arguing
these medicines to wit
as clear descent squeezed
between arrangements
fundamentally triggering

Just staying far away
from what would worry
the uses of charm
like blue light hovering
to go away from then
toward a volume remembered

Likened to soiling
that which we could
and counting on cooperation
with blind desires
a mask to unravel
after seeing it chaste

Convinced of my fear
a place to start from
to burn the gestures
away from the hold
you say to me is hard
going getting lost in my stuff

Taken like that
in a word assaulted				
where no agreement dwells
without effect affects
the one place we could
almost be sure of

Wonder occupies this
dismantling braceleted
between discs
of another other
what calls to be
cherished voluntarily

I believe in the body
routed into
telling thus factored
abstracts the places
I would go to
My secret longitude

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