C D Wright

This is where Michael Jordan's father napped in his Lexus.
Near Lumberton where Shelby's darling was born. Lexus love.

Everyone in their convertible needs love.

So what did you think of the movie Smoke.

I like the business about Bakhtin rotting in prison, fresh out of
rolling papers. Smoking his manuscript.

Morning glories.  What's your favorite.

Pull in at Chuck's Dollar Store I want to buy some Visine, some
X-acto blades.

The land obtained in exchange for two blind horses. This land 
became known as Wrens.

If you bought that bobcat you could set it free. Then you would
need to go back and turn the dogs loose. They're just as
miserable. Pet one pet the other. And the chickens on top of
each other in the miniature coop in the Red Flyer. One of those
chickens could be Becky's kin. Chicken love.