Southpaw for John Mulrooney deathwish never looked so Hot, a favorite number of ours During intercourse it's funny to hum "Helter Skelter" or to ask for more meatloaf It's no longer enough to cry Uncle, or be whisked away to a quiet place to be Beaten Father used my belt to tie my hands in the closet, I now leave it to Gravity to select my Toppings You're made of fiery tattoos and have Been fire twice, I lick the sink and tub for final mescaline Specks. Pay-per-view home invasions and crude interludes in cars will be Next Followed by Dumpster Divers already in Progress I wish I could say "Second Avenue" or "Houston St." Instead we fall into Suburban traps that will toughen skins A shame you have become Microscopic to toss in your Tiny towel Shrink from responsibility, while resolving to be hard Hit Love comes to Neighborhood death squads