Our Nation's Over/Under Let's find New directions in which to point guns and Blow glass wrists that are for slashing and Stitching together At best we remain jinxed on our Insides, a truly frightened flock Marketplaces replaced by ovals of Spent gunpowder or skies turn it up! the faint churning in Our nerves' bones if you are further awash in doubt and have Yet to suffer You too can be a Prisoner crossed with A sinner, welcome aboard highways where there should be Dead fish and Factories Sugar and penicillin hits push Us to Brinks That soul is lying and sweating like a Liar along astral planes and boardwalks It's in out power to either asphyxiate or be Used like spoons All sharp charms have been removed left only with earrings this ground's frozen, maybe fall forward, Brace for siege