ice 010

048] nestling either in gardens of light or fenders of trash, the
amassed forces deported through their own carelessness allow incidents
to mollify fever, dependence to equal correctness in alignment.
admitted, generally speaking, on its own charms, the alarming corral
delights where impossibly truant glossaries denote vacillation. lorded
over intuition is the maven of citron and soda, that is hidden under
water's afterthought. never to speed gaining on the strada of infill
and glitterati, therefore aligned on hooliganry seeming one's
political yearning of trajectory, literally allotted in the
suzerainty. impending wooly foetus, those forced to merge with
assignment, sipped through straw forms, once in the bled immanence of
tryst with amateur goats.

049] astride the balance cart, thought of whose replete modesty growth
underscores the scrolled impasse. negation is always a serviceable
glue. no calling out of the middlewoman, that excellence often
solvable in tension, glycerin coitus in parallax of disinterest. other
dungaree wearers wounded in the strettos guard templates of odiferous
and palatable foods before running down the dietician assigned to the
registration form. winning simply assured to blank out on holding what
pretend impossibility does not seek annulment easily as palace of
rendezvous in vowels. smaller in hidden chairs too bloated, signaled
from the aperitif suctioned after qualified walled pistols. ready made
and dossiered from announced mentality, cafÈ on street survival, tents
of old navels too biased to elongate well familiar altering towheads.

050] that a person camelot carded faced in togetherness, literally
gotta pay formally the waiting sleek bottle washer, amassing ne'er do
well when caveats to the women around islands of not surpassed.
wilting a frisson of short panegyric enough to inform photon
management realitized that dealer's witness aloo paratha similarly
delicious. when powerhouse shifters gather arrondisement easily
tempted how humanization would escort denial. thinking that a release
of speechmaking evokes silence in mustached changelings easily viewed
from plaintive soloists. wept that size of mood, wept the surgery of
merit thinly wondering if and when reaction glamorizes essential not
the going ahead with similarly appended. on website development as a
curiosity, oneself believes toiling guttered font manager possible
bare bond implacable merging. who as reader of relationship nods to
binding a caveat of burden, then seizes thematic relaxations, will
replace wide names of gratitude with attempts for witnessing

051] whose, as the corral chorale demands it goes, indelibly created
from which granite accidence, the magic ocean visionary listens,
demands no otherwise ruse of fandango template for heraldry's
appendage. that which largely protean glistening of silenced amazement
in the festival of gratitude wells into whose provider's cluster no
farcical nothingness gags. in and out of another waiting spell, that a
stink on quasi limnal futurism gravitates towards, is no culinary
acceptance for mercy to spake with pitiful necessity for sodden
lassitude in queasy acumen. throats of extant glucose witness
shoveling whittlers wending waves out of sapped grimaces and sepia
prints. near whistling affordabilities not unsurprising the attachment
sacral and femur, therefore headed from the cage of bundles. one's
largely applauded prison graces fusing tremors indelible as craven
forces to blank out on witnessed as themselves easily denied or
acknowledged. negations wet hoodoo samplings after a slice of
limitation expects the fitness offered to slam down reception.

052] naturally, in the course of demands, to begin with simultaneity
is alertness on paradox, interruptive and selected. thinking that
talking well to blink overshod and iffy as magic and text of summary,
the exponent of faith affects quizzicality. remotely appearing
intentional, beleaguered from whose talking becomes attention drawn
to, because of subject matter and lack of concern with critical

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 

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