ice 09

043] narrative losses in the textural glissando, painted by a mistress
of gradient volume, teams out of arrival more the sluice replaced by
thinking where and why one people is different and identified. dancing
on the button of assumed chipper walls to blastocyte emission
gratitude from the hailstorm while pendulous entities denounce
formalizations early. that beastly omnipresence related to itself
seems more a wash of time and space than the electric largesse
mollified by newspapers in training pants. gleaned publicly by not
laughing at itself, tenspots near oceanside views demean issues of
text and pictures wherever pastiches derive somnolescence. the
addition wasted painful toes by the river in an easy forest. animated
conversions to pertinent reversals deign the lateness of slammed doors
as a paradox more than a situation easily explained. certainly some
misunderstanding worn well for the payment likes notions to blind out
of whose curiosity goes while no bartered reaction is mentioned. zones
of a solvent curiosity therefore something figured which exponential
letting go of having shape told the othered gasoline drama. named to
blink with starvation of exceeding houseguest. then as water goes
ahead to white haired men in suits and ties seek garish trophies for
the incomplete compliance with raincoats caterwauling.

044] a dearth of occupation with experience fringes the examination of
rules whose preventative development serves night school data
sprockets. something from visible cues denies attempts to speak with
gets othered in garden clubs, thrashes the advantage by imploding
whenever fascinated by surgery. then some expend to blank out on
porcelain. the sutra of derivatives calls ahead to finesse
wildernesses. sleep sees itself otherwise in and of a place to bleed
in as much an enforced greeting of the sky to the earth. something and
someone hastens the precedence seeming as which it would be assumed to
be so early in tearing out and so normal to not be as with the other.
that which of orbit is curious how decisions about relationships hang
on words' interpretation. not retaining cards of extant roles to play
wonders is if and of whose paltry booksigning waits in corners for
acceptance to risk natural limitations while gatherings accumulate.

045] existence, now that is a word for alertness in guarding. as a
gaff of exoneration goes ahead, perhaps notification theatrically
frequents the visual cue to replacement. if explanation calls out in
the moment of frost and heat, those thinkings clearly and cleanly
react with thought of if acceptance reinvents the waiting for
contact's contrast. now and then, singing that heartfelt revocation
the appreciation of which nouns taking advantage to the introduction
coils itself around, perhaps unfairly though that need not stop, with
star mentality commencing the approach to working it out, as it is
acceded to quote talk it over in unquoted relation. the skinny change
in deflection now had to caller identification resumes with prevention
on a rainy day by the road to another large citizen.

046] near ivory locks in time, the thinking of itself in sonata for
recolte perhaps theoretical in as worked those to blank a slate is not
hovering ingredient free of whose procedural dependence it once was.
came to believe the present tense is all waiting for what we had and
that mention to become is certainly more of to begin with situation
freer than that. small degrees of freedom intended, ownership devoted.
nicotine on the sleeve of a broadband wallet, think to bleach icarus
out of skies and blues.

047] thinking autobiography, thinking essence in experience's
existence, that is its performative. agribusiness equals monocle
wholly an opera that slices theory by ivory cormorants' reinvention in
graded rises. which in fortune can effectuate the other as sound to
text of mindstuff the same or different, not knowing, additive.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 

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